Pavo (pronounced pay-vo) originally was named McDonald, after a young colonel who married a local woman and opened a blacksmith and gunsmith business in 1835.  The town sprung up around the store.  Soon a post office was established.

    After the Civil War, the post office in Atlanta sent word, that mail intended for McDonald was getting mixed up with the mail for McDonough, and requested that McDonald be renamed.  Duncan D. Peacock, the post master of McDonald who had a college education, suggested the town be renamed Peacock in honor of his prominent family.  A debate raged for some time, so the story goes.

    Finally, Mr. Peacock suggested the name Pavo, and his logic was impeccable,  "nobody else has a town named Pavo,"  he's said to have said.  So the citizens of McDonald voted to change the towns name to Pavo in 1885.  It wasn't until many years later that anyone realized they'd been had!

   Pavo is latin for peacock!  His daughter, Moselle, stated that he had pulled one over on everyone.....The word "Pavo" is also considered Spanish and is pronounced "Pah-vo" meaning turkey. Desoto himself was said to have traveled thru Pavo.  There is a street named McDonald in Pavo to keep their legacy as they have all passed away as far as we have been told.

    We do take pride in our little City and to prove that, there is a silver bowl at City Hall that states that Pavo was the cleanest Town in Thomas County in 1967.   Back in "the day" on Friday and Saturday nights, one couldn't park their vehicle on the street because of all the activity and patrons on the walk.  All the stores would open for the evening and everyone would be shopping and eating ice-cream. WOW!!!  Those were the days.  A lot of the farms shut down and the local school on McDonald Street closed down somewhere in between then and now, which had a lot to do with the changes.

     It's really a shame to know of such wonderful activities and how beautiful our buildings were and then to look at some of those same buildings makes you wonder if we're talking about the same buildings or the same City even!

     SO LETS MAKE A CHANGE!!!! NO MATTER HOW SMALL!  City Hall has painted the building a vibrant white with red trim.  All the other business owners should follow suit and make Pavo the most colorful town in South Georgia.  WE CAN DO IT!!!!   LETS BRING PAVO BACK!!!!!!


    And..............Owners of the down town buildings that are in great dismay and need some TLC, sell them to someone who would love to renovate or renovate them yourselves and rent out to a business, or renovate and sell but, please take pride in your belongings!!!!!






   The City of Pavo was

        Incorporated in