Pavo (pronounced PAY-VO) was originally named 'McDonald' after a young colonel named Joe McDonald.

After the Civil War news got to Atlanta and the mail intended for Mr. McDonald got mixed up with McDonough, and it was requested that he change the name. Duncan D. Peacock - the post master of McDonald who had a college education suggested it be named Peacock in honor of his family. A debate raged for some time and the story goes on from there.

Finally, Mr. Peacock suggested the name PAVO, his logical was impeccable, "nobody else has a town named Pavo", so he said. The citizens of McDonald vote in 1885 to rename it Pavo. It wasn't until many years later that anyone realized what had happened. Pavo is Latin for Peacock! Peacock stated that his daughter pulled one over on everyone, Pavo also means turkey. There is still a street in Pavo named McDonald to honor the family.

We take pride in our little city. This city is full of beautiful buildings that used to hold so many different things, the City Hall building used to be a movie theater. Our new mayor decided it was time for a little change though, so our City Hall is now a beautiful bright white with touches of red, and he one day dreams of a mural somewhere downtown.

We must start small but one day this town will be as fun as it once was.